Winter Dives

1-Ship Wreck.

A group of six different ship wrecks sunken few years ago by the Albanian Navy in order to create an underwater park for divers.Ship wrecks are found at depths between 16m to 30m.The ships are untouched,machine guns,engine and cannons can be easily seen.The visibility is always good,between 10m to 15m.The temperature is 17°C(that is why we use 7mm+ wetsuit).

2|3-Reef Dive

Two different dive sites not deeper than 15m which have too much to offer are on our Winter dive plan.The visibility is always good(15m+) and the temperature is 17°C.Rock formation and rare marine life can be seen.We usually see moray eels,ray fish(not always) and different type of fish but you can never predict what will you on the next dive is never the same.


 Sarande  Albania.

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